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Faith is a kind of poade a big net in the backyard bet the eaves to the eaves, the middle one Zhang Yu any detours. From a Yantou, knotted, along the b, carefully, cocked tail, not to touch the ground bed the opposite eaves height, almost, and then tighten, later also is such.

The spider and netents, reminiscent of those people and some deep Tibet be scanty of ember the spider can not fly, but it is still the nete y eyes e sick, and my friends e side by side through this journey of life.


Friendship is a kind of treasure in our lives. It is actually like a bottle of e to enjoy ourselves, it is also the most fragrant drink.


All of us have to spare some time for personal lives. otion and love. ent of our lives.


As ean e. There is a famous motto saying that “A friend is like a quilt is your operature.” It is really true. inar, a famous speaker didnt speak a prologue, but he held a bill in his hand

In the face of 200 people in the meeting room, he asked: going to put this to one of you, but before that, please alloe to do one thing. he said the bill into a ball, and then asked: oney on the ground, and set foot on one foot, and grinds it e dirty eaning of the class. No matter hooney, you still any times doashed to pieces. to feel atter aking nee

and effort on the most important goals of your life. you b to

challenges of hardships. you ust do

your part, you must faithfully folloake and take the actions you

plan, you must never quit, you must never fear. i knoust do it, you can do

it, you and tall, make a fist, get excited, and yell it out: i must do

it! i can do it! i ust do it! i can do it! i ust do it! i can do it! i iracle, although the hope is slim, but it erican the room of a tree in the autumn leaf falling. The patient looked at the front of the Xiao Xiao leaves, the body bad to iraculously survived

Life can not have a lot of things, but can not be portant value of human life!






It is only when a seed grows that it can produce more seeds. It is only when you express joy and satisfaction in your own life that you can help others to know joy and satisfaction in their lives.


It’s no use making yourself miserable for the sake of helping others. The best way to help others is from a position of strength and fulfillment rather than from a position of weakness and despair.


The goals, dreams and desires you have are yours for a reason. They are there to show you and force you to make the most of your life.


It is not selfish to be your very best. What’s truly selfish is to let your huge potential go unrealized.


What have you always wanted to know, always wanted to have, always wanted to do, and always wanted to be? It is never too late to honestly answer this question, and to answer it with all the colorful details and passion that it deserves.


The answer to that question is your truly beautiful and unique gift to life. Never stop reaching for the best you can imagine; for when you fulfill your highest potential, you raise the whole world with you.



Over the long march of history is a topic, not in the spirit of a rich

digging.Several million people from top to bottom, poorly equipped troops, 000

exceeded a million intercepted by the enemy.a serious barrier to overcome snow

swamp, the patients survive beyond hungry, a division of the General Assembly

force.The goal of the strategic shift.Looking at the details, from the Red Army

on the battlefield, we can enrich and deepen the spirit of the long

march.Research diary is a microscopic point of this long march from the window

miracle.Read some of those involved long before the long march diary now read

Lin Boqu, to be relevant, Tong Xiaopeng, Chen Bojun,Feng Xiao, Wei Guoqing, Li

Li Lin, Xumengqiu long march while the others diaryI still wears glasses to read

between the lines of these soldiers gunfire in a sparsely minute rush to write a

few lines.Let rest about their spiritual stretch.Diary became their spiritual

nutritious, way of life, spiritual walk, which is how bold and lovers!Chen Bojun

look at the section on June 5, 1935 diary : "The GAN Chushan, under Deng

Xiaoping son, Cliff taller, cliffs College,SHP mixed, ooze it deeply attached

climbed GE vines and played hard : : I not only by crossing Ground absolutely

dire straits,Instead, Northwest out-day, the east Chinese sources, the enemy

hinges defensiveChi-sustaining. This is my mobility and strategic guidance for

dramatic之 caused convinced brave soldiers. "hermoniousness clean characters,

filled with the author striving calmly.calm and confident.Men's long march to

the spiritual and cultural life is rich and varied.Cheng Fangwu a more rational

than a written diary of the German edition of the "Communist Manifesto,"

delivered lectures,Xu Teli of universal literacy training and textbooks; Zhu is

more active than the diary of a basketball game,Nie Rongzhen, the role of the

drama "Lushan 之 Snow," interpretations of Deng Xiaoping on the "Krasnaya Zvezda"

editor., had works on the polished wood; Diary of a lot more than the long march

romantic poems.Mao's poems is his synthesizer : "The sky was clear and Poems

South Feiyan. "Very small numberSobriety is not only the seeds of the high

lonesome days a long way to a magnificent landscape width,Moreover, the authors

describe the broadmindedness and calmly uncertainty about the Sentiment in the

arms of the old liberated areas."Picture of iron, and now we start all over

again, a sea of mountains, red blood. "In seeking the exercises.make plans for

the space, his thoughts often beyond the battlefield, and sped Jiu-xiao, history

and philosophy of time laments the fate of the Chinese nation.express

compassion.Such cultural character of the long march troops, ethos, its

magnificent weather in a more systematic policy on the display.Needless to say,

the people carrying on the policy, and the people who went through thick and

thin together, are not closely linked to the good relations like that.It's often

been overlooked ethnic, religious, industrial policy has never highlighted an

aspect of its height, visionvigor and vitality.Military Museum collections long

march while the Red Army put up a lot of respect for minorities, the protection

of religious and monasteries announcementslogan.Gansu, one of which was

inhabited by the Hui nationality issued by the "17 to 10 are not allowed to"

internal statement :"To protect the mosque back to protect the business to

comply with the customs of Muslims. "" Muslims are not allowed to fight local

tyrant.: : noise allowed in mosques around the "Red Army after the Guizhou

Maotai Town,immediately pasted up in the wineries are not allowed to interfere

with the normal operation of the announcement.This army, the leadership of such

a policy from the very beginning, a fundamental placing themselves in

historycultural and spiritual high ground.As a foreign writer said : "The long

march is an epic poem,is unparalleled in the history of human activity. "only

with the scale of the fighting power equipment, has always been

one-sided;cohesion, solidarity, influence, spirit, determination, have been

important elements of combat effectiveness.Have a political, cultural, spiritual

and psychological advantages of the Red Army, its development, growth, and

victory is inevitable.Everyone is irresistible.


A Loving Gentleness


Do you know what a loving gentleness is like? Have you had a taste of it or shown it to others?


Surely you can get some idea of it from swallows under the eaves. They show it when they are busy flying to and fro to feed their nestlings. You can see it from the moon shedding cool light over the scorched land so that it becomes comfortable. You can also feel it when you listen to the clock ticking steadily, so considerate as not to disturb a sweet dream. Again you can find it in the heart of a young girl. She is charming because of her loving tenderness.


It's also a picture of loving tenderness for a youngster playing a pampered child in his or her mother' lap. But later, the person is so much changed by fate that tenderness is gone together with values of life. Some people are born uncouth. But tossed by life's storms they become gentle and good-humored unexpectedly, like mushrooms sprouting from the root of the tree of life.


True, gentleness or a tender care is often associated with love and kindness. It can also be found in a good- natured or broad-minded person. It is not fair to think that it has anything to do with weakness.


Gentle as spring breeze, it cracks the frozen river with its light touch. Soft as cotton, it renders a steel ball bouncing high from the ground paralyzed in its embrace. Similarly, tenderhearted as friendship, it melts the toughness of an ironwilled man and reduces him to grateful tears.


A loving gentleness is too subtle to describe. Though it seems invisible, inaudible and evasive to the touch, it is still perceptible. It is the quintessence of kindness, enthusiasm, love and moral support. It gives strength and power. It is the source of beauty.



the poet said: spring flowers to the door pushed open a.

i said: thanksgiving to the door pushed open a harmony, harmony open the door to the living.

if you carefully listen to the voices of flowers, are everywhere harmonious life movement.

love, the soul like fire ignited the hope of love, the soul like绿茵propped up the sky.

love is a force, is a wealth.

we should be in the hearts of young sow the seeds of love.

let us be thankful for, the institute of thanksgiving.

thanksgiving with a heart to face life, in the face of learning, in the face of setbacks, thereby experience parents, teachers, classmates and friends of selfless relatives and friends, know drips of tu, when yongquan of the real meaning.

thanksgiving is a traditional virtue of the chinese nation, build a socialist harmonious society needs.

guangdong lawyer tian, in order to return the mothers kindness in telling your mother dying when she donated his kidney to restore the mothers life; xu yu return to the community of his kindness, decided to leave after graduating from university in the bustling city , broke into the thatched shed to seeking knowledge, a thirst for knowledge sent the children ...

appreciate your birth, because they allow you access to life; grateful for your dependents, because they allow you to continue to grow; grateful for the concern you, because they give you warmth; grateful to encourage you to the people, because they give you strength; grateful for your education, because they kaihua your ignorance; grateful to harm your people because they temper your intellect; grateful for your trip, because it strengthens your legs; grateful for your contempt, because it awakening your self-esteem; grateful abandoned your people, because he taught you that independence; everything grateful, institute of gratitude, gratitude to all the people you grow up!

students, and a song called thank you: i thank the moon lit up the night sky, thanks to the dawn zhaoxia endorse for the spring snow melt for the land feeding the people, to thank his mother for giving me life ...

thank harvest for peace for all of this all all.

thanksgiving-fighting, thanksgiving unlimited! students, and society thanksgiving! let us always to the life caring and full of love and love! let us brought up their hands and work together, everyone aspired to build a socialist harmonious society!